athg2012 Athgenics Help/Instruction EPR System

By Spike Arlt

Arlt Technologies, Inc.

Updated February 12, 2012


Help/Instructional functions and applications for the Event Performance Ratings (EPR) system and tables.


The 2012 Athgenics EPR system can be used as follows:


1.      Thesystem can be used to determine the athletic talent level of an athlete with respect to a competitive level, age, or a segment of event competition for Track and Field, Cross Country or different types of Road Racing.

2.      The system can be used to determine what event(s) an athlete is most talented in for training and competition.This includes running, jumping, throwing and multi-event competition and combinations of them.

3.      The system can be used to monitor performance improvement or deterioration other than with a time, distance or height and evaluate all athletes on the same scale process that includes both men and women.

4.      The system can be used to project performances to other competitive events accurately.

5.      The system can be used to determine accurate statistical seasonal improvements for annual goal setting over a period of years.

6.      The system can be used to determine goal setting for a seasonís increase in performance for an athlete(s).

7.      The EPR system was developed and constructed for accurate DNA gene testing analysis using event/age performances levels.

8.      The system easily works with the website to evaluate all or selected data contained in that data base system for athletes.


The Athgenics EPR system is the only complete, accurate athlete performance talent rating system in the world that uses ages or competitive levels of athletes performances for evaluations and comparisons of athletic talents.


The Athgenics EPR system is very simple, easy to use and understand as it is based on records of event competitions.


††††††††††††††††††††††† ***IMPORTANT***


If you are using Android smart phones or tablets some browsers do not calculate EPR values on certain Dual Core processing phones and tablets.


We have tested and approved the following Android browsers that work properly:Mozilla Firefox, Google and Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer on PC computers.


Apple products only have one browser that is used: Safari


If you have any problems please contact us by phone or e-mail.


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The Athgenics Software Home Menu contains these separate modules:


††††††††††† EPR (Event Performance Rating), Consulting, About Us, Contact Us and Arlt Links.

††††††††††† They are discussed in order below.


The HELP Menu on the Home Page (and some other pages) contains this file.


Select "EPR" from the Home Menu and click on it:

††††††††††† Select Men or Women and click or touch on one of them. (a blue circle will highlight when selected).

††††††††††† Select one of the four options:Running, Jumping, Throwing or Multi by click or touch.

††††††††††††††††††††††† Select from the four choices above, one of the following:††††

††††††††††††††††††††††† Running = Sprints, Hurdles, Distance, XCountry or Marathon (this covers all running events with EPR tables, running distances are in the second row).

††††††††††††††††††††††† Jumping = All Jumping events: High Jump (HJ), Pole Vault (PV), Long Jump (LJ) and Triple Jump (TJ). †††††††††††††††††††††††††††

††††††††††††††††††††††† Throwing = All Throwing events: Shot, Discus, Hammer and Javelin(They are labeled as such in the second table row).

††††††††††††††††††††††† Multi =The Decathlon (men) and Heptathlon (women).



Table column Codes:


0 = Age or competition level

1= WM is World Masters Records

††††† WR is World Record

††††† CR is Collegiate Record

††††† HSR is National High School Record

††††† WHSR is Washington State High School Record

††††† W4A is Washington State High School 4A Record

††††† W3A is Washington State High School 3A Record

††††† W2A is Washington State High School 2A Record

††††† W1A is Washington State High School 1A Record

††††† W2B is Washington State High School 2B Record

††††† YM is AAU National Record Young Men/Women

††††† IB is AAU National Record Intermediate Boy/Girl

††††† YB is AAU National Record Youth Boy/Girl

††††† SYB is AAU National Record Sub Youth Boy/Girl

†††† MB is AAU National Record for Midget Boy/Girl

††††† SMB is AAU National Record Sub Midget Boy/Girl

††††† SB is AAU National Record Sub Bantam Boy/Girl

††††† B is AAU National Record Bantam Boy/Girl


*Arlt Technologies annually updates the record tables usually in January or February.

*World Records are updated when we become aware of them.


Column 2 through 12 = Events Listed††††††††††


Calculating EPR Performances for:


Running: Records can be entered from the tables into the "Record" box by clicking or touching that record cell in the record table box.

††††††††††† ††††† If a record is known, but does not exist in the "Record" tables you can enter it manually in the "Record" box in the proper time or measurement format.Place the cursor on the Record cell and enter the data in the proper format.

††††††††††††††††††††††† (If you are working with a touch screen, touch the record box, or performance box, to bring up the virtual Keyboard so you can enter the record or performance manually.)

††††††††††† ††††† Enter the proper time or feet/inches or metric performance in the "Performance" box manually in the proper cell format.

††††††††††† ††††† Click on "Calculate" to receive the EPR value in the box named Calculated EPR:


††††††††††† †††† Cross Country: The EPR portion calculates the same as other running events and the Tables for Course Records are still being developed.Currently the record and performance data is entered manually.


Jumping: Records can be taken from the tables or entered directly either in feet and inches or in metric as with the running in the proper format of English or Metric. 

††††††††††† ††† Whichever box is entered (English or Metric) the opposite box will show the converted distance once "Calculate" is clicked.


Throwing: All functions work the same as the Jumping Events.


Multi:Records can be entered from the tables into the "Record" box by clicking or touching that record cell in the table.

††††††††††† If a record is known, but does not exist in the "Record" tables you can enter it manually in the "Record" box in the proper point format.


Calculated EPR: The Calculated EPR is a value on the scale of 0 to 100 like a percentage with 100 being the highest value set to the record performance.If a record is broken the value will be higher than 100.

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††† The Calculated EPR value is a comparison of the athlete performance to the record performance in that event on that scale.



Many theories and systems have been developed to provide accurate individualized performance based training workouts for on-the-track interval training using the competitive performances.This instruction document now also adapts the Arlt Technologies, Inc. Athgenics Event Performance Rating (EPR) table calculations to the sport of Cross Country, Road Racing and works with the Track and Field record running data for comparative uses.


Arlt Technologies, Inc. is now beginning the 14th year with athletic genetics and computerized individualized performance based training and competition performance improvement.The athletic genetic portion began in 1998 when John Arlt received his Masters Degree from Central Washington University in the Science field of Biology and Genetics."Athgenics" (athletic genetics) began quickly after that and now has been recently formalized as a Registered Patent Trademark for Arlt Technologies, Inc.


Attached is our theory of the EPR structure to compare and adjust accurate times and distances between cross country and road racing competition performances and track and field competition performances using our website.


Many ideas have been developed to handicap cross country courses for various reasons.The cross country course handicaps that now exist are often used to compare performances between different cross country courses, or a cross country course performance is compared to standardized track performances of equal or differing race distances.We believe we have a very simple, easy to use, highly accurate theory for calculating those comparisons using our Athgenics EPR running calculations for both men and women at most any level or age (5 to 100 years of age) of competition between some Elementary, Junior High, High School, Collegiate and World Class competition levels.The Athgenic EPR system can be used by age (for track and field events) or competitive levels with established records at all levels of known competition.


Attached are the Event Performance Rating (EPR) instructional uses below:


  1. Take the running Cross Country course record for the competitive event and enter that time into the appropriate men's or women's Athgenic EPR "Running", then select the approximate "Distance" to get the correct time format.Enter the time in the proper format into the box titled Record:Use the proper time format as shown in the tables for the 1600 meters to the 10,000 meters to enter the time into the "Record" and "Performance" cells.Then enter the athlete performance time for that course competition in the Performance box and click on "Calculate".The EPR value will appear in the box labeled "Calculated EPR".This EPR value is like a percentage comparison since it is based on 100 as the maximum value for a record.
  2. If the current Cross Country course is a new course or the course record time is unknown, take the previous year's winning time(s) or the current winning time and compare the performance against that time for the EPR calculation.
  3. For those coaching with several athletes in the same race you will soon see who is improving (or deteriorating) and how much with each competitive race over the length of a season.For those who want to spend the time you can review past performances from in the cross country history to find the seasonal goal setting improvement values.
  4. The following data (Performance times) taken from www.athletic. net for a 4 year history of Cross Country Performances from one championship Cross Country race of a strong talented Cross Country and Track athlete at Kingston High School.To find the 4 year improvement or individual year of improvement on this course, all that is needed is the record for the course.If the course record was 16:00.00 on the Olympic League Championship course the 9th grade EPR value is 86.10.The 10th grade level EPR on the course is 96.40 and the 11th grade level EPR is 96.68.The 12th grade EPR level is 99.27.From the freshman year to the senior year was about 13% improvement.


2010 Season 12th Grade

††††††††††† 16:07.08 Olympic League Championship


2009 Season 11th Grade

††††††††††† 16:32.98 Olympic League Championship


2008 Season 10th Grade

††††††††††† 16:35.88 Olympic League Championship


2007 Season 9th Grade

††††††††††† 18:35.00 Olympic League Championship


††† 5. The time of the athlete performance and the existing Cross Country course record sets the calculation for the EPR value and the talent level of the athlete running the race for that course.

††† 6. Other competition variables may also affect race performance such as low or high temperature, wind, snow or mud, hills, barriers, sharp turns and course congestion that may be necessary to adjust performance evaluation.

††† 7. Two methods in our software are available for determining a cross country course handicap or comparing cross country courses.We have the ability with our training and race modeling software, developed decades ago, to accurately compare any racing distances and performance times.


A cross country course handicap compares a performance on a cross country course to a performance run on a standard 400 meter track, or one cross country course against another cross country course using record performances.†††


Summary:Coaches have the option to individually calculate a pace time based on a Cross Country course record (especially at the Junior High or High School level) using an EPR value.This can be tedious detailed work, but leads to overall athlete performance improvement for determining pace times and splits for specific Cross Country courses.


We do have the abilities to set up course records for a season into EPR charts from templates in book form.If interested please contact me.


We are making Cross Country course record tables based on these former templates for this program.


Using the new website for the EPR XC calculations, if you have the record for the course you can enter the performance and make your own data improvement performance charts using Excel or Word.


Example of Cross Country Course Records:


Meet †††††††††††††††††††††††††† Record††††††††††† Arlt EPR††††††† Smith EPR †††† Jones EPR

CWU Time Trial†††††††† 17:17.81††††††††† 95.21

St. Martin††††††††††††††††††† 21:49.08††††††††† 95.21

CWU Home††††††††††††††† 17:17/81

SunDodger††††††††††††††††† 21:49.08

WWU 10K††††††††††††††††† 27:36.20

GNAC Regional†††††††† 21:49.08

NCAA Regional†††††††† 27.36.20


Samples of EPR Calculations from the above records:


Record: ††††††††††††††††††††† 17:17.81†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Performance:†††††††††††††† 18:10.00


Calculated EPR:†††††††† 95.21


Second week performance from different course and different performance time.


Record:†††††† ††††††††††††††† 21:49..08

Performance:†††††††††††††† 22:55.00


Calculated EPR:†††††††† 95.21


Consulting:Available on a needed basis.


About Us:A short history of Spike Arlt and Athgenics.


Contact Us: Address, Phone, Fax and E-mail information.


Arlt Links: Important Athletic Resources and Information.


Athgenics EPR Printable Forms

Competition Day Form

Goal Setting Evaluation Form

EPR Talent Evaluation Form

Diary System Form


If you have any questions, comments or discussion, contact me by e-mail or phone.


Thank you for your interest.


Walter "Spike" Arlt